Inside LanesWe have two spacious netted indoor lanes with real Astroturf for both baseball and softball.  Each lane has two machines to accommodate pitching speeds from 40mph to 90mph (baseball) and slowpitch to 70pmh (softball).  We utilize the traditional commercial Iron Mike machines from Master Pitch and a computerized three wheel pitching machine called the Homeplate from Sports Tutor


The Iron Mike machines are solid pitching machines and deliver a consistent pitch for developing eye/hand coordination.  Ours are set up for 50mph baseball and slow pitch softball.  We also offer a 75' outdoor netted batting / pitching lane.  This lane will be set up with a baseball Iron Mike pitching machine. 




The Home Plate system is a three wheeled computerized machine that can deliver just about any pitch at any speed within 7 seconds of each pitch.  This system can be programmed with up to 8 different sets each set contains up to eight programmed pitches all delivered sequentially or at random.  This system is perfect for developing a batter's eye for the changing pitches, and for coaches to help a batter identify a batter's "weak spot" and learn to overcome it.  The Home Plate machine is also great for simply pitching each pitch with real time control from a coach.  Just a little high or low, a little inside or out....maybe a slider or a curveball. 






Another benefit we are developing over other batting facilities is an instant video feedback, so batters can look at their mechanics on a video monitor after each pitch.  These videos can be recorded and taken with the batter on a memory stick (not provided) or via an internet share (developing).  Combining this capability with a detailed swing analysis is our next step.  This capability is still in development.